Summer Series 2018 Toys/Equipment Round Up!

We are only halfway into the summer and we have been loving this summers round up of toys!   You cant go wrong with any of these purchases below when at the beach or lake with the kids to keep them busy.

1.  Rave Sports Water Trampoline:
This was the best purchase I have made to date for the kids.  We saw it on someone’s dock during memorial day, and I could not for the life of me find a company that rented these.  Luckily a few google searches later and this bad boy came up on Rave Sports site!  There are so many options for water trampolines, but I went with this one specifically since it was designed for smaller children.  They can bounce on the trampoline, climb up the side themselves and go down the slide!  The shipment came fast and it was easily inflated.  Once you are done using it, just deflate for easy storage!  You can find them on instagram here as well.

*The kids Water wings are from Otterwings, you can use code BECCA15 at checkout!

2. Isla Bikes: We switched to this balance bike (the Rothan) for Roman and this bike (the Cnoc) without training wheels for Lainey this summer and it couldn’t have been a better decision! I was very nervous about both, since they were loving the training wheels, but Ive already seen so much improvement on their balance since using these!  Roman loves just walking on his own on the balance bike and Lain loves me holding her waist while learns to balance without the wheels.  My favorite thing about the Cnoc bike, is they personalize your childs name on the side, genius!  You can find them on instagram here.

3. Kinderfeets
Talk about practicing balance for little ones, my kids are obsessed with these boards from kindfeets!  If you have little surfers, or ones you want to get into boarding, highly recommend.  Besides Balance, mine use the  kinderboards to roll cars down the side and make little tunnels for toys.  It is definitely a multi functional toy that builds the imagination, and an easy thing to store at the house!  We also are loving this cargo trike they make, perfect for strolling around other toys in the house :).  Find them on instagram here.

4. Play Wheels:
They make fun character themed products for kids!  We have both of these skateboards here and the kids have been loving scooting around while working on their balance.  Find them on instagram here.

5. Pulse Safe Start Scooters:
Ever wanted your little toddler to be able to just press a button on the scooter and go?  Well here you have it!  These electric scooters are perfect for the kids that cant master a real scooter yet.  We have the PJ mask one, and we charge it every night for the next day!  Find them on instagram here.

6. Nutcase Helmets:
To keep your little ones head safe, I am loving these helmets from nutcase for all the above toys!  I love how the kids are excited to put them on because of their bright designs and their easy under chin clip.  Find them on instagram here.

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