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I have been very consistent with my skincare regimen for almost a year now, and I recently switched to a cruelty free product line that I am LOVING!  RDKL, which you can find here!   I think the main thing for clear skin is to stay consistent with whatever products you are using!  I ALWAYS wash my face before I go to bed and first thing in the morning.  Below is my entire process.  Make sure to watch the full video for details behind the scenes and to see Lainey’s first skincare debut :).  You can click directly on the video to purchase the kit!

Am Routine, use the entire RDKL line:
1. Wash with FRESH
2. Apply Youth Toner
3. Apply Life serum
4. Apply Moisturizer
5. Dab Glow on cheekbones after makeup

PM routine (repeat RDKL line or I substitute these products in):
1. Wash with Fresh- RDKL
2. Apply skinCeuticals C E Ferulic
3. Moisturize La Mer Soft cream
4.  Eye Cream La Mer

*Game Changer: I have been getting HYRDAFACIALS regularly for the last 6 months.  I have seen a huge difference in my skin since that as well.  Mainly I have noticed my skin discoloring has faded, I have more of a warm glow tightening to my skin, and I haven’t had any random breakouts.  I go to PrimeMD in Brier Creek NC, but many medical spas offer this service!

*Other things to note:  I have been taking care of vitamins regularly for 6 months, they have a survey you can take on their site to personalize it. I make sure to include a fish oil and astaxanthin (both good for the skin).

*And of course, I drink only water all day, besides a green tea in the morning, to keep my skin hydrated.  I try to keep my workouts consistent during the week too!  I notice if I eat something really greasy, my skin is immediately affected.  If your looking for clean eating in that space, make sure to check out my best friends blog @sweetpotato_sneakers !

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