Beach Essentials Part 2 Summer Series 2018

Continued from last weeks post on our favorite beach essentials, I wanted to include other necessities we are loving in and out of the water during the summer!

1. Vestal Watches
Obsessed with these tide watches!  My husband started wearing these over a year ago since he is on the boat a lot and he is able to track the tides of up to 200 local beaches.  If you haven’t found a gift yet for that beach lover, this is a winner!  I have the surf watch, and I love that I never have to take it off (waterproof) for the win.
You can use code BECCA30 at checkout!

2. Freestyle Watches- My kids are loving their shark leash children’s line!  Once they see us wearing something, they usually want it.  This watch was the perfect solution for them to have on at all times on the beach or pool and think they can tell time 🙂 They come in so many bright colors and adjusts to my two year old’s wrist!

3. Otter Wings
Does anyone else’s child get mad when you take off their water wings or try to put them on?  What about when they slip off in the water?  Otter wings came up with a simple solution, removable clip water wings to an SPF shirt! genius.  I love their simple coloring!  They just restocked the line for the summer, so head over there to grab some!

4. Hats & Beach Bags, Sandals:
Hatattack match your mini with hats like below and loving this beach bag from them, seen in all my pics!
Love this hat from Ofonesea! Romans wearing below!
-These Sandals I am living in, from Beek

5. Babybum Sunscreen!  Loving this entire line right now 🙂

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