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One of our friends has been visiting Belize since he was little and has a place on the island, so we decided to take a trip out there to see what all the “Fish” was about :).  If you love snorkeling or spear fishing, this is the place for you.  If you are looking for white sandy beaches, and ability to walk right into the ocean from your resort, Belize is NOT the place for you!  We like to visit places without the kids the first go-round to check out the island before dragging toddlers to a place that wouldn’t be fun for them (or the parents for that matter).  This is one of the places I wouldn’t necessarily bring the kids back to at a young age because they simply cant swim in the ocean or play at the beach like normal.  Belize is surrounded by reef and to get safely into the water you need to be at the end of a dock or on a boat.  That being said, below are our trip details.  We spent one day exploring the entire island and checking out each individual resort, so you will see our picks there!  You can see my live videos on my instagram story highlights here: 
*Keep in mind the entire island mainly drives around on golfcarts.  You need to fly into Belize City, then take a hopper flight (about 20 minutes) with Tropic Air over to Ambergris Caye/San Pedro.  I would have a company lined up to be waiting for you with golf carts as soon as you arrive!

Sunset Beach Resort–  This is where we stayed our entire trip!  I love staying in Villas because you have the accommodations of being at home with a kitchen, and in Belize you can catch your seafood and cook it immediately on a grill! (My husband is a chef, so this was his dream scenario).  Sunset Beach has its own pool shared between villas, and is on the south end of the island.  The Boats we rented for the day would pick us up right on the dock.  They also had cleaning people that can come daily if you request it.

(View from our Villas, and the hammocks on the property. Wearing Lilybod workout and Aleader shoes)

Our Resort Top Pics after spending time at each one day (we pool/bar hopped)
Las Terrazas: For the pool/view and ultimate relaxation I would chose this place.  The drinks were amazing, and the atmosphere at the pool seemed very high end.

(Las Terrazas pool: Wearing Lspace)

Mahogany Bay Resort: This resort is brand new, but they are building it up so much with cute little buildings with coffee & ice cream shops all around the property.  It actually kind of reminds me of the Disney resorts, where each area has its own store/section.  This is on the opposite side of the island, so you don’t get the smell of the grass that some seasons on the island are affected by.  They also have their own private island that resort guests can take a boat too and its supposed to be amazing.  We unfortunately didn’t have time to visit the private beach, but the pictures looked amazing with your own Cabana over the water.

(Wearing Montce Swim)

Matachica– For the best dock/over water relaxing pods I would stay here.  But make sure to bring Bug spray!  Their pool is gorgeous but situated in the middle of the jungle/Forrest, so we got bit by mosquitoes as soon as we walked up.  They had cool private huts for all their guests facing the ocean with individual hammocks on the porch that would be fun to stay in.

Towel: House of Jude

(outfit, Towel: Bali Market, Bag- Hattattack, Hat: Lack Of Color, Suit Montce, sandals by Beek)

Victoria’s House- A 5 star high-end resort, with two pools, one being this infinity.  I love how you can see the ocean from each pool and the entire place felt luxury.

My Suit: Saha Swimwear

We are big foodies, hence my husband owns a restaurant so finding amazing food is usually top of the list when on vacation.   Here are our pics:

On San Pedro:
Estel’s Dine by the Sea– for the view and food!
-Cinnamon Buns from the Baker
-Victoria House for breakfast was so good too!

-Thanks to social media, a follower suggested the Truck Stop! That was probably the best food/drink experience I had on the island!  I got the frozen coconut Mojito, and the Japanese noodle bowl.  At the truck stop, you can hang out all day, play games (cornhole etc) or get in their pool.
-Kevins BBQ: a small hut on the side of the road, near southend/ before Mahogany.  Best Guac, Salsa and Banana Chips I have ever had!  I still am craving it.  They also at Sliced Watermelon and Pitaya juice i would get for the entire day too!  Just ask a local where to find it, because nothing comes up when I google it.

-Hidden Treasure:  The whole set up here is cool, treehouse feel with lights surrounding the property and two open levels.  I got the lobster and keylime pie.  Both very good, but it seemed the service took forever.  We ended up being there over 3 hours.  That wouldn’t fly with kids!
-Casa Picasso: Appetizers and desserts were amazing here, so stick to that, it is somewhat tapas style.  The main entrees were decent but not something I would go back for.  The atmosphere is also a back room with no views or outdoor scenary whatsoever.  If I’m on a tropical vacation, I want to have amazing views, not feel like I could be in any restaurant sitting in north carolina, ya know?

On Caye Caulker:
Crepes and Dreams
I had heard such good things about this place and I love crepes, so I knew as soon as we got to Caye Caulker I was heading straight to this place.  The restaurant is only open from 7am-1pm, and we didn’t arrive on the island till 12:45 so I did a full on sprint and hopped on a golfcart to arrive 2 mins before 1pm.  The owners were about to shut down and reopened the kitchen for us because we came sprinting in!  It was like we had our own private dining experience.  Best crepes I’ve ever had.  We ordered these three (and they were gone in 2 mins with all of us splitting it): Eggs Benny, La Periogi, & Nutella Banana adding strawberries :).

-Boat ride to Hol Chan Marine Reserve:  We reserved local guys every day to do boat tours.  I think this is the way to do it, its usually $100 a person for a full day and they take you anywhere you want to go.  We hit up two snorkleing spots, but the best one was Hol Chan.  You’ll pay $10 at the marina beforehand to visit this place and shark ray alley, right beside it.  We have been to several islands to snorkel, and this is the clearest and prettiest place I’ve ever seen!  We took our Akaso underwater camera and got several cool shots below.  I also wore these shoes from Aleader footwear on all our boating adventures.

(Suit: Skye & Staghorn, Watches: Vestal Tide watch, Shoes: Aleader )

-Day trip to Cay Caulker-  This is an island about 30 minute boat ride away.  You can walk the entire island in about 30 minutes.  There were some cool spots to have a drink, and chill at “the split” with live music/DJs and volleyball tournaments going on.  The accomodations on this island are very cheap and so is the city.  I would recommend just staying on San pedro, unless you’re into backpacking/roughing it a few nights!

(Suit: Montce, Shoes: Beek)

-Spear Fish/Snorkel anywhere-  The guys rented spearfishing and snorkeling gear from the marina the first day we arrived and used all of it whenever we were near the water!  They were able to catch so many things in knee deep water.

My Travel Packlist below; pictured in photos: (also linked on liketoknowit app & instagram)

My Luggage: Ebags

Bathing suits: (Lspace)

(Saha Swim)


(Both of these suits are Montce)

Outfits Below:

(Cleobella for both)

(This is at the Truckstop I mentioned above, amazing food and drinks!)

Towels pictured throughout: House of Jude, Lasbayadas, Balimarket
Shoes: Beeks sandals and water shoes: Aleader

My Workout attire: Yogalicious & Lilybod


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